We have heard time and time again the promise of a new MMORPG revolution, maybe, just maybe, it’s now upon us! Hello, My name is GamerZakh and welcome to my 15 Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2020 & 2021 list! Now, MMOs take forever to release so this year I’m doing something different. Every game I listed last year that’s still in development I’m putting in the bonus section. That way you’re getting a lot more new stuff in this video but also that means there are actually almost 50 games mentioned in this video. If you want to know more about the bonus section games, be sure to watch last year’s video too, linked here:

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Which two upcoming games in the video do you think will last?

Here’s a video where you can vote on how to define an MMO:

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC #MMORPG GAMES for 2020 & 2021◄
1. Astaria – PlayAstaria (0:56)

2. The Saga of Lucimia – Stormhaven Studios (2:14)

3. Defend the Night – Ninja Loot Games (3:22)

4. Hordes – Hordes.io (4:19)

5. Oath – Ready-Up Studios (5:08)

6. Waven – Ankama (6:18)

7. Temtem – Crema (7:17)

8. Zenith – Ramen VR (8:18)

9. Reign of Guilds – Atlant Games (9:32)

10. Blue Protocol – BANDAI NAMCO Studios (10:33)

11. Fractured – Dynamight Studios (11:22)

12. Torchlight Frontiers (Now Torchlight III) – Echtra Games (12:31)

13. Crimson Desert – Pearl Abyss (13:29)

14. New World – Amazon Game Studios (14:22)

15. Life Beyond – Darewise Entertainment (15:42)

Past Fate

Ember Sword

Book of Travels

Gloria Victis

Project Gorgon

Ashes of Creation

Mad World

Legends of Aria

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Population Zero

City of Titans

Ship of Heroes

Valiance Online

ReWorld Online

Camelot Unchained

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Chronicles of Elyria [CANCELLED]

Crowfall – ArtCraft Entertainment

Phantasy Star Online 2

Moonlight Blade

Lost Ark

WoW Classic & Shadowlands Expansion

Old School Runescape

Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim Expansion

Archeage Unchained

Pathfinder Online


Rulers of the Sea

Magic: Legends

Project TL

Lord Of The Rings MMORPG

CCP Games

Playable Worlds

22:55 Conclusion


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June 25, 2020

This is a continuation of the last MMORPG list, to check out more games in detail here: https://youtu.be/lRVXrLwMMhQ Hope you enjoy the video! I got a total of near 50 games mentioned in the list but history says only 2 will make it. Which 2 do you think? Games get announced throughout the year, so if anything for 2020 is missed I'll put it in this comment. I'm already not sure about Torchlight Frontiers but if you guys accept that as an MMO, Valar was announced and Core Punk is entering Beta at the end of 2020, so I can list it next year. Watch all the upcoming games lists in this handy playlist: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists – I spend 60 hours making each one trying to make them the best they can be. ALSO! Just to show why I consider the MMORPG genre as being fine is despite how many games don't last, it's always had at least 1 a year that stays popular and is considered good. Don't confuse a 2-year lens for the greats of the decades:

2010 – Final Fantasy XIV

2011 – Tera

2012 – Guild Wars 2

2013 – Neverwinter

2014 – ESO

2015 – Black Desert

2016 – Tree of Savior

2017 – Albion Online

2018 – Fallout 76 (I can't believe it but people like this now and it's going strong)
2019 – Conqueror's Blade
2020 – ?

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David Petersson

June 25, 2020

rise online?



June 25, 2020



Daniel Ramsey

June 25, 2020

You forgot Star Citizen which will most likely be the most monumental game changer of all time. Sure it's official release is far off but they have a playable alpha that is adding more and more every quarter. I thought it was a scam due to all the smear pieces written on it but after playing it for my self and following the development it is quite apparent that that not only is it not a scam but they are developing systems and tech that will move the mmo genre forward and in to the future thus why the development has taken so long.



June 25, 2020

Anything using SpatialOS will go bankrupt, the pricing is extremely steep.


Edo Adam

June 25, 2020

Why are they trying to make a completely new genre, most of these games don't fit into my understanding of MMORPG. Most of them look so bad and unpleasant that it makes me angry, shit.



June 25, 2020

Who ever recorded Astaria Getting BAD FRAMES



June 25, 2020

Wait Zenith has dota 2 hero skill icons lmfaao why?



June 25, 2020

Literally all these games look like trash


xx xx

June 25, 2020

just remaster guildwars 1 for me


L J Halawani

June 25, 2020

I don't have time to watch the video at the moment, but just seing that you've divided the video into sections with each having it's own title… You're a pro and deserve thumbs up.



June 25, 2020

sorry but the graphics look gross, very little to character customization, boring fighting style. Just gotta say the old ass game ff14 still looks better. What a way to waste your money into creating more trash games.


Anime Fan

June 25, 2020

The only one who may actually be at least a bit good is blue protocol in my opinion


Josiah Kiehl

June 25, 2020

Just watch out for Sword Art Online released in August 2020



June 25, 2020

Life Beyond….so that is where my everquest landmark went to.


Mono The Kuma Bear

June 25, 2020

4:20 looks like roblox


shacur amaru

June 25, 2020

In the end we still got nothing that can dethrone WoW so I think these videos are useless until something realy big comes out and big means both stories, exspansions, factions, pve, pvp, championship, iconic figures like Sylvans, Arthas, Ilidan etc. so until a game of this magnitude comes out there is no point of others, yes they are nice, you play 1 or 2 weeks max, after which you are going back to WoW so these games are a bit useless and some they don't even deserve the title of a MMORPG cause they are not and in order to be they need to be WoW like games, you know story driven quests etc. since is an RPG, masive pve and pvp content, role playing content etc. most of those from the video got nothing


Son of Sandwiches

June 25, 2020

Would like to see an mmo that rewards casual grouping, while not requiring it. As in, I can join other random players and the mobs and loot scale the difficulty. Perhaps with a 6 person limit per team. Any suggestions?



June 25, 2020

MMO in a nutshell: – old MMOs are outdated in every way, also players are way too stacked on gear. New MMOs can't really push for 2020 graphics (or at least close) – everyone will simply lower the graphics anyway to prevent lags, the only thing they can improve is game mechanics, for which I am still waiting for almost a decade and yet nothing impresses me, tbf. For the last, but not least, MMOs have always been one of the worst balanced and disappointing games for that matter. Usually it takes too long to balance a game like this, for most part everyone is just grinding for years and hope their class gets a buff.



June 25, 2020

Eudemons online is about to lanch on steam. Game from 2006


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